Rajani Black

A Gothic Lolita; charmingly British, exquisitely mad.


Personal Data

Name: Rajani Black
Nickname/Alias: Raja
Description: Big blue eyes soak in her world and dark brown tressles frame her curious and aloof expressions. Olive skin give hint to non-English heritage that her voice so softly speaks. Dresses very girly, mainly black with rich purples and magenta, frilly and lacy with costume jewellery for flair.
Experience: 7


Portrayal: A beautiful China doll so close to cracking, what darkness lays beyond her porcelain shards…
Background: Practiced mortician and beautician for the dead! She worked within a funeral home for many years before her arrest.
Inciting Incident: Magic isn’t for the plain ol’ human eyes, she broke those rules…
Belief: Death is beautiful, an ascending into a new world beckoned by Her sweet song of peace…
Trouble: Schizophrenic. Medication required (not included in packaging).


Magic: +3
Dexterity: +1
Charisma: +2
Stealth: +1
Perception: +2
Wits: 0

Refresh: 3
Fate Points: 8


Aspect: Shadow Mage
Features: Exceptional: Boosts generated by this asset become full aspects; Focus: Magic +2.
Flaws: Situational- When using magic to create an advantage related to shadow/darkness; Demanding- Time, 1 action
Refresh Cost: 2

Aspect: Familiar Cat- Coraline
Features: Professional- (Magic +1), Resilient- 1 (Consequence), Sturdy- 3 (Stress)
Flaws: Situational
Refresh Cost: 2


1. [ ]
2. [ ]
3. [ ]


1. Mild (2): N/A
2. Moderate (4): N/A
3. Severe (6): N/A



Rajani Black

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