Every character has Attributes. They represent the basic potential of every person in the world, as well as most other living (and unliving) things. When we begin our game, the Attribute ratings will start between 0 (poor) and 3 (good). To start, you may have one Attribute at +3, two Attributes at +2, two Attributes at +1, and one Attribute at 0. However, as the story progresses and achievements are earned, additional points will be made available to you to spend as you see fit.

Below the ‘Standard Attributes’, you will find ‘Alternate Attributes’. The ‘Alternate Attributes’ section contains different abilities you may swap out for your character if the Standard Attributes don’t fit the bill for what you wish your character to accomplish. You may only have 6 Attributes in total, so choose wisely.

Standard Attributes

Strength: Strength is the raw, brute power of a character. It governs how much weight a character can lift, how much he can physically push, and how hard he can hit another character or object. The Strength Trait is added to a character’s damage dice pool when he hits his opponent in combat. It is also used when a character wishes to break, lift, or carry something, as well as when a character tries to jump a distance.

Dexterity: The Dexterity Attribute measures a character’s general physical prowess. It encompasses the character’s speed, agility, and overall quickness, as well as indicating the character’s ability to manipulate objects with control and precision. Also included under Dexterity’s heading are hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and bodily grace.

Charisma: Charisma is a character’s ability to entice and please question when a character tries to win another character’s sympathies or encourage others to trust her. Charisma reflects the power of a character’s charm and influence. It governs a character’s ability to convince others to see her point of view. This Attribute doesn’t necessarily indicate how the character is charismatic, whether she’s a silver-tongued charmer or a grinning bully.

Stealth: Stealth is the ability to avoid being detected, whether you’re hiding or moving at the time. This ability is, for obvious reasons, highly useful in stalking prey or surveying enemies. In many cases, Stealth is also used to conceal items, whether on one’s person or somewhere in the environment.

Perception: Perception measures a character’s ability to observe his environment. This may involve a conscious effort, such as searching an area, but it is more often intuitive, as the character’s keen senses notice something out of the ordinary. Perception is a sensitivity to one’s surroundings, and is seldom present in the cynical or jaded (who have seen it all before). Perception is used to determine whether or not a character understands a given situation or detects an environmental stimulus. It can warn a character of ambushes, distinguish a clue from a pile of refuse, or uncover any other hidden or overlookable detail, whether physical or otherwise.

Wits: The Wits Trait measures the character’s ability to think on her feet and react quickly to a certain situation. It also reflects a character’s general cleverness. Characters with low Wits ratings are thick and mentally lethargic, or maybe gullible and unsophisticated. By contrast, characters with high Wits Traits almost always have a plan immediately and adapt to their surroundings with striking expedience. Characters with high Wits also manage to keep their cool in stressful situations.

Alternate Attributes

Magic: This Attribute is typically used as a stand-in for strength in Mages — it dictates how efficient your character’s spell-casting will be.

Streetwise: The streets can provide a lot of information or money to those who know the language. Streetwise allows you to blend in unobtrusively with the local scene, pick up gossip, understand slang, or even dabble in criminal doings. This Attribute will also determine whether your character possesses certain criminal skills, such as lockpicking or hotwiring a car.

Technology: The Technology Attribute represents a broad acumen with electronics, computer hardware, and machines. If it has a processor, a transistor, or an integrated circuit, manipulating it uses the Technology Attribute. This is the wide-ranging Ability used to build one’s own computer, install (or subvert) a security system, repair a mobile phone, or kitbash a shortwave radio. You must always choose a specialization in Technology, even though you possess some skill in multiple fields (eg. Computer, Machinery, etc).

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