Diantha Gisburn

An achingly beautiful woman... with an 'eats nails and shits bullets' attitude.


Personal Data

Name: Diantha Gisburn
Experience: 8


Portrayal: Tinker Faerie Biker Bitch
Background: Paramilitary combat mechanic.
Inciting Incident: Convicted for unlawful use of magic against a council member, grand theft auto.
Belief: Magic is not to be trusted.
Trouble: Terminal curiosity.


Strength: +2
Dexterity: +2
Charisma: +1
Technology [Heavy Machinery]: +3
Perception: +1
Stealth: +1

Refresh: 5
Fate Points: 10


Aspect: Kick Start [Technique]
Diana has mastered the art of using her faerie magic as a means of electrocution
Features: Harmful (2).
Flaws: Demanding (1) [Effort, Technology].
Refresh Cost: 1

Aspect: War Rig [Device]
Diana’s heavily modified classic Harley Davidson.
Features: Focus (1) (Technology). Harmful (2)
Flaws: Situational: When attacking with vehicle
Flaws: "Is that thing street legal?
Refresh Cost: 1


1. [ ]
2. [ ]
3. [ ]


1. Mild (2): N/A
2. Moderate (4): N/A
3. Severe (6): N/A


In her time across the hedge, Diana has taken a certain fondness to a mix of old school goth and biker culture. Much of her wardrobe is comprised of black mesh and leather, tattered denim, studs, and silver chains. Unearthly beautiful even through a glamour, she doesn’t typically wear much in the way of makeup, only dramatically lining her eyes. When the situations arise, she does don the typical free-flowing and brightly colorful attire the Fae folk are known for.

Diantha Gisburn

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