Kenzie Ziemniak

Childish, fun loving Rusalka.


Personal Data

Name: Mackenzie Ziemniak
Nickname/Alias: Kenzie
Experience: 4


Portrayal: Witty yet childish, she uses her charms to get what she wants.
Background: Drowned Mother-To-Be Seeking Vengeance
Inciting Incident: She followed her demonic duty of furtive cannibalism in a residential lake, sparking the interest of locals.
Belief: Rules are boring. Live for fun.
Trouble: Immature, impulsive, and selfish.


Strength: +1
Dexterity: +2
Charisma: +3
Stealth: +1
Perception: +1
Wits: +2

Refresh: 5
Fate Points: 8


Aspect: Disarming Voice
Features: Flexible (Use Charisma to Attack), Harmful (1)
Flaws: Situational, Demanding (2 – Takes an action, need to roll 2 or better to work)
Refresh Cost: 1

Aspect: Silver Tongue
Features: Focus (2; +2 bonus to Charisma)
Flaws: Situational (When seducing someone)
Refresh Cost: 1


1. [ ]
2. [ ]
3. [ ]


1. Mild (2): N/A
2. Moderate (4): N/A
3. Severe (6): N/A


Kenzie Ziemniak

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