Ghosts of Utopia

Lost and Found

Session 3 - 07/10/15

It has been three days since your last assignment. Rex has posted security detail at your apartment door, a pair of burly men dressed in black, and he’s told you that you are permitted to leave the premises under the escort of these men… Only if you are dressed in the tactical vests he’s given you. he explained that with time, the use of these vests may fade out to be only used on assignments, but for the moment he doesn’t trust you nearly enough to leave your apartment without them. Needless to say, walking around town, dressed in strange tactical gear with an entourage of imposing looking men is drawing a little bit of negative attention, but no one has seen a reason to ask about it as of yet. However, with no real word from Rex, the party isn’t sure when they will be assigned their next task… or whether he’s forgotten about you all together.

[What have you been doing? Player Character Interaction]

Fortunately (or un fortunately, depending upon how you feel about it), on this third night of silence, he has finally decided to make an appearance.

Sort of.

The large television hung on the wall of your apartment flickers to life on its own volition, and Rex’s face is displayed on the monitor. He gives a little smile and what could be classified as a wave… but in reality it’s little more than a tiny twitch of his fingers.

REX: “Hi. So. Obviously. I haven’t been checking in, I got real busy… It’s like… it sucks because, Farand just stuck you guys with me and I honestly have a lot of work to do at any given time so… I sort of… I’m supposed to keep tabs on literally everything that’s going on in the area. Supernatural comings and goings and shit going wrong. Secrets. My guys. I’m trying to find someone else that might be able to give you more consistent work, but until then you take what you can get I guess. Or something. It’s not like you really have a choice. it’s not like I have much of one either. But for tonight I have someone that said he could use you for something.”

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

REX: “I know it sucks that I don’t have more for you to do, but… I operate on a set schedule. Specific tasks. Every guy has his own assignments. And you guys… you got the job done but you’re not exactly… subtle enough for my type of work. Farand hasn’t been very much help on advising me exactly what he wants you to do, so that’s why I’m just… passing you along. For now. If and when I come across something a little more… your speed, I’ll let you guys know. But trust me. Surveillance work isn’t all… explosions and chase scenes. It’s dangerous! But a lot of it is just sitting and watching and… stuff you guys aren’t trained for. Anyway, the Second Chair — you guys haven’t met her yet I don’t think, her name is Naemia — she has her own guys. I asked her… bodyguard, I guess, if he had anything in mind for you. He does. The driver will be taking you to meet him tonight. His name is SavaƟ Kasvetli. He’s… he’s ok I guess. He talks a lot. And he’s probably going to hit on you. he hit on me. I don’t know how I felt about that.”

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

After PC input… Rex concludes your discussion by more or less hurrying you from the apartment, emphasizing how he needs to get up and out into the field as soon as physically possible. Your entourage of bodyguards helps you into your vests and walks you down to the car, and you are whisked away to your destination. One of the bodyguards takes the front seat, the other is appearing to stay behind. As usual, the driver isn’t exactly friendly, or talkative. He keeps the divider up for the duration of your journey.

The car eventually pulls up to the curb on a very ritzy street in downtown Los Angeles, and the party steps out of the car before an impressively sized building. The bodyguard escorts you through the front doors, and into the elevators. You take the elevator to one of the very top floors, and you are taken through the sleek white and granite hallways of what appears to be some kind of office building. You pass through a pair of double doors, and into a room that starkly contrasts everything on the premises that came before it. It is decorated in warm, rich hues, the color scheme reminiscent of a sunset. The decor is extremely Middle Eastern, as are the people that populate the room. The smell of incense is immediate, and intense. Multiple exotic women draped in veils roll their hips and bellies to the arabic beats playing over the extensive stereo system. At the far end of the room sits a man on a bed of jewel toned pillows, framed by two of the bellydancers, who are currently shoving their endowments in his face. He leans around one of them to give the party a curt little smile, and waves them over.

SAVAS: “Ah, you must be Aleksandr’s… people. Welcome! Welcome. Please… Relax. Make yourself at home.”

The man waits for the party to get a little closer, before taking each of the oarty member’s hands and kissing them.

SAVAS: “I am Savas. The pleasure of meeting such beautiful creatures is surely all mine.”

There is a little twinkle in his eye as he regards each of you, and leans back against his mountain of pillows. He whistles, and one of the ladies carries over a hookah pipe, another one a small table, and they set it before Savas.

SAVAS: “Please, help yourselves.”

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

[Compel Diana’s Terminal Curiosity: Diana, you want to know what happened with Savas flirting with Rex…]

If asked about hitting on Rex: Savas gives a chuckle as a more sinister grin tugs at his lips. “I did much, much more than flirt with him. If he tries to say otherwise, he is lying. That is all I will say about that.”

In regards to the mission: “Oh, yes. Aleksandr wasn’t very descriptive on what it is you each do, or what skills you can provide to me. I could always use more beauty…” He gestures to the women decorating his room, “But, he has told me this is not something you do. So I thought of how such lovely ladies could assist me, and I think, who could resist helping a man win the heart of his love?”

He snaps his fingers and one of the women beside him stops her dancing to retrieve something from the table right beside Savas… which, it is noted he was perfectly capable of reaching over to grab whatever it was himself… but she brings him an envelope, and a single flower. He studies them for a moment, before giving them back to the woman, and she hands these items to Kenzie.

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

After PC input… SAVAS: “it may seem to be such a little thing to someone who has been running all over the city doing errands for a spymaster, though this is something that means much to me. I carry this woman in my heart. I see her and she fills me with the life I lost centuries ago. If you bring her this letter, I will reward you. The lady is called Madeline. She is a dancer, at the club Victorianna’s, not very far from here… I have been told you are dear friends of hers, and because of this, I trust this task to you.”

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

If PCs tell him they’ve met her only once… SAVAS: “Oh, well having met once is even better. You are not too close, not too far… She has seen you, she knows you, either way she will listen better than any other courier. So you go. And when you return, I will compensate you for your efforts. Under one condition. She must agree to see me this weekend. This part is important. Any fool can deliver a letter. But a clever fool can convince a stubborn lady to grace me with her presence.”

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

After PC input… Savas dismisses you with a simple little nod of his head and turns his attention back to the bellydancers beside him. Your bodyguard takes you down the corridor, onto the elevators back onto the ground floor, and to the car, which drives you five minutes down the street to Victorianna’s.

Upon entering, the hostess recognizes all of you. She greets you with a warm smile, and tells you that she will let Madeline know you are here. She picks up the phone, dials an extension, and has a short conversation, then waves you inside, and instructs you to walk up the stairs to the VIP area, rather than waiting. The bouncers have been informed of your presence.

The party enters the VIP area without problems, and walks down the hallway to Madeline’s office, which has been left open. Madeline rises from her desk, and regards you all with a warm smile, closing the door behind you.

MADELINE: “Back so soon? What can I do for you ladies this evening?”

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

After PC input… Madeline’s expression turns from sunny to sour in a matter of moments, “Are you quite serious?” She scoffs, and takes the letter from your hands, her brows furrowing. “This arseface is giving you a love letter and telling /me/…” She rips open the envelope, her deep brown gaze darting over the letter as she quickly reads it… and crumples the paper in her hand. “No. This man is a pig.”

[Kenzie: Uses persuade… Difficulty 3]

Success: MADELINE: “Well…” She gives the flower a little sniff and sighs as she walks it over to her desk. Wedging it into a vase with a bouquet she had sitting there already. “I don’t suppose I should be… regarding him so harshly. You’re right. What’s the harm in seeing him… just one more time.” She gives you a little smile, plants a kiss on the envelope, which leaves a scarlet stain there, and gives it back to Kenzie. “Take that to him. As ‘proof’ that I agree. This man is insane. He never gives up.” She gives a little playful laugh. “Now if you’ll excuse me. I have to return to my job. But really, it was lovely seeing you all again. Perhaps next time we’ll all have enough extra time to sit and have a chat?”

Failure: Madeline’s eyes narrow in a hard glare aimed at Kenzie, “Don’t talk about matters you’ve no idea about. It makes you look stupid.” She carries the letter over to a candelabra she has burning on a table in the corner of the room, and sets it a flame, letting the ashes fall off of it in chunks into the nearby wastebin. She tugs the bag from out of the wastebin and hands it back to Kenzie. “Take this to him. And tell him to shove it up his arse. Now please leave, and don’t waste any more of my time. I’ve a business to run.”

Either way: The party exits the club as instructed, and is driven back to Savas’s suite. Upon the party’s entry, Savas lazily looks toward you, one of the dancers now in his lap, nearly nude. “Ah. My flock. Tell me, my little songbirds, did you sing your song to my lady? Did you convince her to see me?”

Success: He studies the lipstick stain on the envelope with a wistful sigh, planting his lips over where hers had been , and folding the envelope in half to stick in one of the dancer’s cleavage. “It has been a success! Wonderful work, ladies…”

Failure: Upon being handed the plastic bag, he looks a bit confused. Ripping into it and letting the ashes rain down onto carpet beneath him. He frowns slightly, and hands the plastic bag off to one of the ladies for disposal. “You haven’t made me very happy… but I promised Aleksandr I would keep you busy. Perhaps talking is not your strong suit. I’ll give you something so simple an invalid could carry it out.”

Either way: SAVAS: “I’m thinking of what else I can have you do that takes up time… hmm… Naemia needed some supplies. You can go do that.” He produces a pad and paper from… Somewhere in that pile of pillows. Scribbling out a short list and handing it off to Diana. “They’re magic supplies, just in case you cannot tell. I’ve written the address at the top of this paper. Rip it off and hand it to your driver.”

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

After PC input… It’s very obvious that Savas isn’t interested in entertaining any more conversation from the group of you. He more or less continues to blow you off until you exit the room. You exit the building, and hand the directions off to the driver as instructed. This drive takes longer. You are in the car for 45 minutes before the driver finally parks in the parkinglot behind a very small, homely looking building. He lets you know this is the place, and more or less kicks you out of the car.

You enter the shop and several tiny bells above the door ring. The shop is very new age; the shelves are lined with crystals and healing stones, pentagrams and large, old-looking tomes. The shop appears empty besides one lone customer, who is chatting with the woman behind the desk.

[Would you like to interrupt the clerk and the customer to ask for help, or would you like to try and look for yourself? What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

If ask clerk… The customer seems a little annoyed by your intrusion, but the store clerk does not seem to mind, as she gladly points out the areas of the store which contain what the list calls for, along with a few brief descriptions. However, with the impatience of the other customer, the clerk is called away, so she is unable to escort you personally to the items in question.

If do it yourself… You begin to wander aimlessly around the shop. Everything more or less looks the same to the untrained eye. it’s a bit difficult to know what’s what based on the descriptions Savas has written down, which is next to none.

[Rajani roll magic? Difficulty 3]

Rajani success: Rajani suddenly remembers she knows exactly what all of these things mean and what they look like. Who knew! She begins to go about the shop rather efficiently, plucking things off of shelves to purchase.

Rajani failure: It looked as if Rajani is thinking very hard about this list… when out of the corner of her eye, she spots something sparkly and she wanders off toward that, completely forgetting what she was doing in the process.

After any/all of the above… VINCENT: “Pardon me?” a voice emerges rather suddenly from between the bookshelves and you turn to notice a tall, gaunt, pallid man standing there with a large, somewhat creepy smile on his face. His hair is shoulder length, deep brown, and curly, and his eyes are so light of a blue that they’re nearly colorless. he is dressed head to toe in black and grey, and is carrying a cane. Based on how thin he is, you wonder whether the cane is simply a part of his ‘gothic’ look or serves some sort of practical use.

VINCENT: “I can’t help but notice you’re looking for spell ingredients.” He takes the list… without asking, and starts to assist you… without being asked.

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

After PC input… VINCENT: “Actually, I was wondering if you could help me with something. I was going to ask her but she’s a cunt.” he pointed to the woman talking to the store clerk. “Plus, I wouldn’t mind staring at any of you for long periods of time.”

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

When asked about the favor… “Well, I’ve lost something. Well. Some things. Some things. My pets… they aren’t really standard… pets, though. I’m a necromancer, you see. And some of my creations have gotten off their leashes and are now just loose about the city! it’s dreadful, I worked very hard on those! you can’t imagine how long it took all of the proper parts… They’re quite beautiful, really.”

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

VINCENT: “Oh, I’ve tracked them! But I’ve lost their aura somewhere… the trail ends. Which is odd, considering they’re mine, something of my essence should be engrained in their… essence. But it’s not, or it ran out… I know they haven’t been destroyed, I would have found the parts. At least some of them. To be honest I don’t know what happened! That’s why I’m asking for your help.”

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

[Compel Diana’s Magic is not to be trusted: Diana, you don’t want any part of this. You don’t trust this guy, you don’t trust what he’s selling. You want to leave.]

[Compel Rajani’s Death is beautiful: You’re intrigued by the prospect of a new friend, and the magical creatures he’s lost! you just want to help them home safely, and maybe get a chance to look at them… or pet them, in the process.]

[Compel Kenzie’s Impulsive: Fuckin’ YOLO.]

[Have Kenzie roll to persuade Diana? Roll against diana’s wits?] [If Diana isn’t persuaded, she can just storm out of the building and realize they’re leaving her later]

VINCENT (to Diana): “Oh! Oh it’s not so terrible I promise… really we’re just finding my pets and then I’ll take care of the rest, I just need some help with the leg work… My legs don’t like to… work.” he shakes the cane a little bit to emphasize this fact. “I promise it will only take a moment! Then you can get back to your own… things!”

VINCENT (if asked about his name): “Oh! Oh, that’s right, yes. My name is Vincent Anamak. Pleasured, charmed, and happy to meet you.”

VINCENT (once everyone is on the gravy train): “Excellent! I’ll take you to my car, it’s parked down the street a ways…” Vincent scuttles off toward the front door, moving surprisingly fast for a hobbling man leaning on a cane. The party follows after him, down the street toward his vehicle. Vincent emphasized that this search will only take a ‘moment’, and if you are to trust his word, you should be back on track to returning to Savas with the magic shop items in tow… and then probably be sent back out on some other menial task. perhaps it isn’t so bad to have the momentary distraction.

Vincent begins to drive. Upon pulling out of his parking space, he immediately knocks into a trash can bolted into the sidewalk near the street, and the backs into a pole trying to get around the trash can. All Vincent says is “oops”… Do you really want to let this person drive?

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

[Someone can roll to persuade british, up the stakes]

If yes… Vincent continues down the street, driving a… bit better now that he’s gotten going. The sudden stops combined with the near constant swerving is a bit nauseating. “I’ve tracked the aura’s signature to somewhere near a friend of mine’s workplace… which is strange. But not really so strange, because it’s a law firm… I would say it was specifically a demon lawfirm, but everyone says there isn’t much of a difference like that’s supposed to be funny…” He snorts a little bit, and turns rather sharply around a corner… smashing into the front end of another car.

VINCENT: “Oh, drat. This is terrible timing.” Vincent pulls the car to a rather hard stop and sits there for a moment. The other car is stopped as well, and a well built man with angular facial features walks over to assess the damage to his vehicle. He looks very angry. He glares hard at the car and approaches it. He is standing at the driver’s side window. Vincent sits there for a moment, before he lets out a little sigh and rolls down the window. “I’m sorry I don’t have time to talk about this.” He says to the man outside.

QERN: “You don’t have time. The world has no time for you, scum.” The man outside of the car growls, casting his gaze over toward the party in the passenger and back seats… and he visibly seethes. “I know you. You are Farand’s lackeys. I am not surprised at this behavior. You will pay for these actions.”

VINCENT: Vincent rolls his eyes. “Yes, yes, that’s all well and good, please get out of the way I’m in a hurry.”

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

[Persuade Qern? Difficulty a million]

[Intimidate Qern? Uses Strength Difficulty a milllion sry guys]

[Compel Kenzie’s Impulsive: This guy is an asshole. You suddenly feel the urge to tell this guy off.]

[If anyone tries to get Vincent to become a passenger, he will say no, as the persuasion has failed, and he is very sure of himself that he can do it.]

After PC input… The man outside of the car’s facial expression has been the same throughout this interaction: flat and slightly irritated. But the more you speak, the angrier he becomes, and he bares his teeth in a snarl as his brows knit tightly over his eyes.

VINCENT: “…NOW I recognize you! You’re the grumpy one on the Council. Right, that’s right… well, here.” Vincent pulls out his wallet and… tosses some bills in the man’s face, then speeds off. “That ought to have covered the repairs he needs, anyway… he had his panties firmly wedged up his arse didn’t he?”

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

If asked who that was… “that’s the only demon the council, Qern. He’s always so salty. Personally I prefer to deal with the vampires… mostly because they’re prettier! But also because I know more about them and they make me more comfortable.”

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

Vincent eventually parks across the street from a large, multilevel chrome, glass and grey-bricked office building, just shy of being a “sky-scraper”. He ushers you all excitedly inside, telling you that this was the place where he’d traced his monsters’ essence to… and then it just abruptly stopped.

The lobby is very spacious, with vaulted ceilings and polished, mirror-like tile floors. It is painted in a sleek, soft grey palette, touched with deep brown/black wooden accents. There are a few small black armchairs that dot the outer perimeter of the large area, framing little, circular brown coffee tables pressed against the wall. The ebony and chrome front desk spans the length of the wall opposite the huge, glass front doors, and is usually staffed by 2-3 bubbly receptionists, busy typing away behind their monitors or transferring phone calls through the switchboard. Despite this activity, the absence of color gives the room a bit of a hollow, empty feeling.

VINCENT: “It’s so strange, really,” he comments as you enter the elevators, “the only person to interfere with my signature would be another mage… We’re going to visit my friend Anthony, now. He’s hilarious. He has a portrait of his cat hung in his office, and another one at home of he and his cat wearing matching designer suits. Now I love cats — I /really/ like them but that’s just taking it entirely too far and putting it loudly on display how desperately he needs to get laid… it’s so sad, really. I like to laugh at him. I’m sure you will too.”

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

After PC input… The party emerges onto the 7th floor, where the— “Wait,” Vincent exclaims after the doors rolls shut behind you. “this isn’t right. Hold on.” He calls another elevator and leads you all back inside. going up to the 9th floor instead. The party emerges onto the 9th floor. The hallway is very similarly styled to the lobby — all modern, dark wood and chrome. Vincent trots down the hallway, a giddiness to his hobbling step, and marches right up to a desk with a pretty blonde receptionist seated behind it… And then decides to walk past her after waving at her, letting himself into the office she’s clearly supposed to be offering clearance to. She looks puzzled.

The office is decorated in creams, golds, whites and light woods. Thick brocade curtains hang on the windows. There is a certain old world aesthetic to this room, with furniture reminiscent of vintage French pieces. A blonde, tan man who looks very much like a Ken doll come to life, dressed in a very nice suit that perfectly compliments the decor in his office, is seated at the desk. he sees Vincent, and audibly scoffs, swirling the glass of white wine his his hand.

ANTHONY: “/Vincent/. And why exactly are /you/ here at this god-awful hour.”

VINCENT: “You’re still working!” Vincent responds, sitting on one of the chairs on the opposite side of his friend’s desk. “Do you ever leave?”

ANTHONY: The blonde man looks over the party and gives them a nod. “Anthony York, pleasure.” then looks back to Vincent. “Who are all of these people.”

VINCENT: “They’re my friends!” Vincent beams, waving the party closer. “They need to help me. I know you’re going to bitch.”

ANTHONY: Anthony rolls his eyes, “Vincent, will you please get on with it. I need to get back to work. What did you lose.”

VINCENT: “I lost—” Vincent is cut off by the sound of his cell phone ringing. He stands from his seat and pats around his pockets until he eventually finds it tucked into the inner lining of his jacket, answering it. “Hello! …Oh… right /now/? Oh, okay, yes. Alright. Be there shortly.” he hangs up the call and tosses it back into his jacket. “Well, I must be going now! Nice meeting you all!” And he starts toward the door.

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

If stopped… VINCENT: “Oh, right! Tell Anthony, let him know what I need. But I have to go! That was work. I’m on call; I’m a medical examiner. And duty… called. So, I’m off. Anthony knows everything about this place, you can find my pets and bring them to me; or him, he’ll return them.”

And before anything else can be said to him, Vincent hurries out of the office and disappears down the hall. It will be noted that he failed to give you any contact information.

ANTHONY: Anthony shifts in his seat. looking rather annoyed, and scoffs. “What the hell was that.”

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

Anthony mulls over what you’re saying to him, quiet for a few moments as he swirls his wine, sips it from his glass, and stares at the ceiling.

ANTHONY: “Well. The only person that I know of here that would explicitly be interested in Vincent’s dead things is… this painfully strange fellow who works down in the demonic floors. His name is Calisto Santos. He’s… incredibly bizarre, and not very… pleasant to deal with, but he’s the only one that comes to mind that might know something about that. if you take the elevators down to the ground floor, and talk to one of the secretaries… I don’t know whether or not that thing stays until this time at night, but you never know.”

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

After PC input… You exit Anthony’s office and take the elevators back to the lobby.

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

The secretary bounces over to you and gives you a warm, unnatural smile. “Good evening! Let me see if Mr. Santos is in the building for you.” She adjusts her headset and taps his extension into the phone… “Mr. Santos? Mr. Santos? ….I’m sorry madame, he is out for the night. May I take a message?”

If asked about personal contact information: SECRETARY: “I’m sorry madame, company policy states that I am unable to give out any of the personal details of staff members. I do apologize if this inconveniences you.”

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

After PC input… While attempting to converse with the woman at the front desk, Rajani feels a tap on her shoulder… and Anthony’s secretary is standing behind the party. She hands Rajani a business card. “Anthony believed this would help you…” She nods to the party and starts back toward the elevators.

The card is small, and simple; black text on a white background. It reads ‘Calisto Santos, Prophet of Moriora’ and has a black sigil on the side, depicting what appears to be a rotting octopus…

VINCENT: “Oh, THAT’S where you are.” Vincent’s voice breaks the silence, and he is standing a few feet away, bending down to pick up his car keys which he’s apparently dropped on the floor. “…Oh hello there!” he says once he’s noticed the party. “I left my keys… well, lost. Dropped them on the way out, I only realized when I got out there… Oh, what’s that?” he walks over to the card and picks it up. “…Moriora! I know this! She’s the sister goddess to mine! Oh, bless. There’s a temple not too far from where I live… Ooh, maybe he’s there? Oh, Anthony. I knew he’d pull through for you. Here, let me give you directions…”

[Roll Wits to decipher British’s gibberish – Difficulty 5]

If 5… Congratulations! You were somehow able to decipher the ramblings of a madman perfectly. You have precise directions that will take you straight to the temple he was talking about.

If 3-4… You sort of know the gist of what he was saying. This will get you to the neighborhood, but not the specific location.

If less than 3… You have no idea what he was saying. At all. Somehow this map looks more like an ink blot and less like a… map.

With any option… Vincent has run out of time, he says, and he scurries off toward the front door to leave. He obviously has no plans of giving you a ride… or his telephone number.

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

[If party succeeded at the Wits roll, they can try and contact Rex to get the car to come to them]

[If party failed at the Wits roll, they can try and contact Rex to figure out where the fuck this shrine is… and also to get a ride.]

REX: After attempting to contact him a few times, you finally hear Rex’s voice returning to you over the comm. “Hey guys. What’s going on?”

[Do you want to lie to him, and tell him that this mission is for Savas, or do you want to tell the truth, that it was just some random guy you met in a magic shop? ROLL CHARISMA TO LIE – Difficulty 4]

[Lie, Rex thinks it’s a little weird that Savas is having you go to a shrine, but assumes its for recon and calls the car for you.]

[Truth… Rex is questioning what the fuck you guys are doing and why you’re doing it. But he has the car come pick you up anyway, and advises you NOT to go. but you guys can decide to go anyway if you so please.]

If continuing on this mission… The car comes to pick you up from the lawfirm, and takes you to your destination (either by the party showing him the directions or Rex giving him the directions). As you travel toward this place, you see the environment around you becoming more and more slummy. And at the heart of the ghetto, lies an abandoned subway station. The same sigil that was on the card is clearly spray painted on the wall of the entrance to the station, and a guard is standing watch outside.

[What do you do? Player Character Interaction]

[The party has the option to walk up to the guard, and roll intimidate to get him to move aside, or roll persuasion and you will receive a flier, which reads ‘Praise Moriora, the Mistress of Decay, The Queen of Filth, The Goddess of Pestilence’ and more righteous dialogue. it also has ‘welcome to our club, please respect one another’ written in very small footnote font on the bottom]

[Intimidate difficulty 5 – if fail, we’ll have them have to sneak around back]

[Persuasion difficulty 4]

[Sneak – there is a grate in the back that can be dug up. Strength difficulty 4 to pry the bars, or Magic difficulty 4, and then roll sneak difficulty 5 for everyone to get in. if they are detected, they can be brought before Calisto personally]

[Calisto is preaching. and the monsters are chained up down here, beside an altar with a lot of candles. There is an audience of about 10 people]

[Options are… Persuade Calisto to give up the monsters, difficulty 5, or intimidate Calisto to give up the monsters, difficulty 6]

[Waiting around to sneak the monsters out seems like it will take hours… though if you wait for the crowd to clear, you can try and get them out when everyone is gone. After everyone is gone, difficulty to sneak is lowered to 2, BUT someone with a strength roll of 4 needs to pull the chains, OR magic of 4 in Rajani’s case]

[Some way they get the zombies out. If they fail their rolls with Calisto… I’m going to have Rex come in and save them all awkward like, and then be all “why did you go here when I explicitly told you no” and if they get the zombies out, Rex will help them cart them back to british all “shitshit do you realize how much illegal this is shit”]


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